Thank you for downloading the Infant Reflux Jounal

I hope it helps you make a start on understanding why your baby is struggling with reflux.
I am passionate about supporting families with unsettled babies because I was one of these parents myself.
Nothing seemed to work, my son was in constant pain, and we were told this was normal and he would just grow out of it.
You and your baby do not have to suffer in this way.

Next steps:
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I would love to support you further with identifying and addressing the root cause of your baby’s reflux. 

To help get your baby out of pain, and get back some of the enjoyment in motherhood that has been taken from you!

I created the ROOT TO CALM programme to bring parents like you evidence-based information to help inform your decisions, to support you to discover the root cause of your baby’s discomfort and empower you to parent your unsettled baby with confidence. 


Here is Sally from the course talking about the impact the ROOT TO CALM programme has had for her and her little one.


If you would like to know more about how I support families to thrive not just survive parenting an unsettled baby, get your baby out of pain and help you find the enjoyment you are looking for in parenthood then click the link below!

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