Root To Calm Programme

Is your baby crying, in pain, never sleeping, never settled?

Does it feel like you have tried everything, asked everyone and feel no closer to knowing what to do to help your baby?

There is a way to help get your baby out of pain and you find some enjoyment in parenthood!

The Root to Calm programme

An online programme for parents with unsettled babies aged 0-6 months.

Supporting you to identify the root cause of your baby’s discomfort and discover the enjoyment in parenting that has been missing from your lives!

Life with an unsettled baby impacts EVERYTHING!

Your relationships, your sleep, your state of mind!

The constant worry about what is wrong with your baby, the guilt you feel at being unable to help them and the endless search for what to do to make things better!

Identifying the root cause of your baby’s discomfort is the start of a happier, more settled and calmer family life for everyone


My goal is to empower you to identify what is going on for your baby,  help you learn to trust your intuition and enhance the connection and bond you have with your baby.

To help you move away from the tears, frustration and guilt, so you can begin to thrive as a family.

Helping your baby to be free from pain and discomfort and for you all to have a happier, more settled and fulfilled family life.

My approach is:

Holistic– There is not a one size fits all, cookie cutter approach to parenting. There are many things that impact our baby. It’s about the whole not just looking at symptoms in isolation.

Evidence based- Where we can, we start with the research!  Unfortunately, there is not always research into all things infant feeding or unsettled babies. I do not recommend things that have no grounding in evidence.

Child focused– Your baby is heart and center! Developmentally, biologically appropriate care and support for you and your family.

I do not promise a QUICK FIX– because that is treating the symptoms, not looking holistically, at the root causes or helping bring you and your family the long term transformation you deserve!

Does this sound like you?


From endless searching for answers.

Trying things but having no idea what, if anything is working!

From lack of sleep and never being able to put your baby down. The constant crying and distress and discomfort your baby is in.


So many people have said, try this, do this. Has it been suggested to stop breastfeeding, switch formulas or to give medication! Perhaps you have been told there is nothing you can do and you just have to wait it out! Everyone has a differing opinion and the advice is so conflicting.


You love your baby but are hating the experience of motherhood. You can’t understand why they are in so much pain and have no idea how to help them. You worry what the impact will be on them in the future!

You find yourself feeling so jealous of others with happy babies!

Donna's Story

‘I had been so looking forward to becoming a mum.

But within weeks of our baby arriving, we were navigating through the depths of colic and reflux.

I didn’t really understand what these terms meant. I was googling everything at 4 am on social media to try and find the answers we so desperately needed to help our little one.

I realised that it wasn’t just my baby that was unsettled, it was me! I was also an unsettled parent!

I felt so swallowed up by all the noise and just didn’t know where to turn!


How different things are now!

We now have a happier, more settled baby with a clear idea of what was causing my baby to be so unsettled and how to help him!

I felt so listened to and heard! I  finally had the evidence-based knowledge I needed, all delivered in bite-sized chunks when I needed them most so I didn’t feel completely overwhelmed.

Through the Root to Calm programme, we managed to find our way not only to a pain-free, more settled baby but to the enjoyment of motherhood I had been so looking forward to and thought we may never get!’

The Truth about Unsettled Babies

The unspoken truth when it comes to unsettled babies is the current system is FAILING them and you!

The mainstream approach is to treat the symptoms and does not address the underlying root causes as to WHY your baby is so unsettled.

The most common ‘advice’ you have probably heard is

It’s normal, all babies cry they will just grow out of it’

‘Just stop breastfeeding and everything will be better’

‘Let’s give them medication that will solve it’


There is a another way!

An approach that will help you identify the root cause for YOUR baby, not a cookie-cutter approach that only treats the symptoms.

So very often INFANT FEEDING is at the heart of these issues. 

Getting the right support to help you correctly identify this is the best and first step!

Can you Imagine?

Life with a more settled and content baby!

My Unsettled baby

This is one of the only pictures I have of my second as a baby.

I had found adjusting to motherhood harder than I thought, and with the arrival of my second baby felt ready to embrace it for all it was, and lean into the more challenging moments. Little did I know at this point just how hard that would be.

My son cried constantly and had terrible reflux (hence so few pictures!).

We were told, all babies cry, reflux was normal and because he was gaining weight there was nothing wrong. All the professionals kept saying maybe I had depression, but the anxiety and overwhelm I felt came from not knowing how to help my baby! He was always in discomfort and it was such a struggle of trying to survive life with a baby in constant pain and distress.

We were told to just wait it out!


I felt robbed of my experience of motherhood, never had any quality time with my first son and regretted my decision to become a parent. I then felt hugely ashamed of feeling this way!

Eventually as things did get better and I went back to work, I embarked on years of expanding my knowledge and experience supporting parents finding parenthood challenging. 

Through extensive training and education I began to realise that our situation WAS NOT NORMAL!

That the only choice isn’t just wait it out or to give medication! That there was another way to support parents to have a better experience of motherhood!

I have created this evidenced-based and holistic programme to support families with unsettled babies in the way they deserve. 

Empowering you to understand why your baby is so unsettled and take the necessary steps to improve life for all of you!

I never want any parent to hate motherhood and miss out on this experience as I did. 

I have made it my mission to support YOU and your BABY, so much better

What you get from The Root to Calm Programme!

The Root to Calm Programme is so much more than a course. 

It is a high-touch programme that brings you the evidence-based education, strategies and support you need for life!

It is life-changing support without the stress and overwhelm of trying to figure it all out on your own!

Ongoing Support

When you join you have a whole 12 months of support from me! 

I will be there with you every step of the way!

Weekly Coaching

Get expert answers to your questions and personalised support from me- that is ongoing!

Access to expert professionals

Evidenced-based educational content & live Q&As from sleep, dietetic and bodywork experts.

Online education

Learn all you need to know in manageable bite-sized chunks, you can access when it suits you.

Exclusive Community

Join the exclusive community of other parents that just ‘get it’, for help and support when you need it fast!

Bonus Content

Videos, checklists, workbook and more to help you track your progress and take the steps you need to succeed.

Let’s do this!!!!!

Price-  £169


Here are some of the most common questions I get asked about the programme.


The Root to Calm programme is SO MUCH more than just an online course!

When you enroll on the programme you will be getting my support, ongoing, for a whole 12 months.

Most courses are just the content. The Root To Calm Programme includes ongoing, group coaching to help answers your question, listen and bring you all the support you need.

The programme combines all the benefits of an online course, group coaching and a membership, but without all the annoying monthly fees.

You can start at anytime!

The online evidenced-based content is broken down into smaller sections to help guide you step by step to discover the root cause of your baby’s unsettledness. It is like looking at each piece of the puzzle AND getting them in the right order!

It is created this way on purpose, to help avoid all the overwhelm!

Most families see results within weeks!

Where there are complex issues at play, the support and programme takes you step by step along the journey to a more settled baby, whilst supporting and empowering you with the strategies and coping techniques to help you parent an unsettled baby.

You have access to absolutely everything, so all the videos, printables, workbook, community and face-to-face support with me , for a WHOLE 12 MONTHS from the day you join.


If at any time you are feeling lost or stuck then you can post in the Facebook group or come and talk to me, bring your questions to a live coaching call.

The programme also includes support from a craniosacral therapist, a Paediatric dietician and a responsive sleep consultant, all who can help answer your questions, via the educational content and live Q&A’s.

I commitment to you is to do my very best and be there with you, to try and help improve things for you and your baby. 

Talk to me, come to the coaching calls and together we will help get you and your baby to a better place. 

Ideally I want to help support you from as soon as you feel there is an issue with your baby being unsettled.

Most of the babies in the programme are aged between 0-6 months when they join. This enables you to get the transformation you desire of a more settled baby as soon as possible!

But you don’t have to leave when they are six months, you have full access to the course content, private Facebook community and coaching calls for a full 12 months from the date you join.

These all happen over ZOOM. 

I run a weekly coaching call on Monday at 9.30am UK time (subject to change if necessary).

I also run an additional call every other week on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm UK time (again subject to change if necessary) to try and make sure you can attend at a time that works for you.

There are families from all over the world so I always try to accommodate this where I can.

The dates and times for the calls that month are always clearly posted at the top of the Facebook group so you can see what’s coming up!

If you aren’t able to make it live you can still post your question in the Facebook group, I will respond to your question!

You are skeptical! I totally understand this! And you are right to be as there are no guarantees when it comes to parenting!

Many parents with unsettled babies feel they have tried so many things and nothing has worked, but trying multiple things and suggestions without having the underpinning knowledge and understanding, is very different to using a proven framework with expert support.

What I can promise you is this:

Infant feeding is often at the heart of why babies are unsettled. My expertise lies in helping you correctly identify what is going on with infant feeding and address these issues.

NO I cannot fix or cure everything, that would be disingenuous to tell you that I can.

My commitment to you is to use my knowledge, skill and expertise to help identify what is going on for you and your baby and continue supporting you for as long as you need the help!


As soon as you enroll and click the download link you have access to the FULL programme. 

All of the course content, the Private Facebook Community and my expert help in coaching calls.

Due to this a refund or cancellation is NOT AVAILABLE.

If you have any questions before joining the programme please contact me. I am always happy to answer questions if you have them. I want you to be sure this is the right approach for you!

Don't see your question in the FAQ?

If you have a burning question, or if you aren’t sure The Root to Calm programme is right for you and your family, you can email me directly at

or book a free discovery call for you to learn more about the programme.

What Clients Are Saying

Little Wins Along The Way

Here are some of the wins families enrolled on the programme have shared!