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Does this sound like you?

I am failing at breastfeeding and it must be my fault!

My baby cries so much it must be something I am doing wrong

This is not how I thought being a mother would feel!

I want to enjoy feeding my baby not dread doing it!

Surely there must be another way that doesn't involve medication?

I want solutions that are gentle and focused on my baby

You don't have to keep struggling, but you do need to take action to find the right solutions

Baby et Al

Holistic 4-Step Approach

My holistic 4-step approach is designed to Listen to all aspects of your family life, utilise my knowledge and experience to Observe what is going on, Support you where you need information or guidance and Empower you to move forwards with your feeding or parenting goals.

Here's how I can help you

Root To Calm Programme

Unique, ongoing support for as long as you need to help you identify the root cause of your baby’s discomfort and empower you to parent your unsettled baby with confidence

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1:1 support

Face to face or online support. 

A one-off consultation may be all you need to help get you back on the right path, but I also offer bespoke support packages.

Ready to work together Antenatal Consultation

Antenatal Consultation

A video consultation to discuss your parenting or infant feeding worries . Good if first time around things didn’t go to plan and you want a better start this time

Ready to work together


Ready Steady Solids Workshop. An online workshop to help you feel more confident about starting the next infant feeding stage.

More workshops coming soon!

Ready to work together - gift certificates

Gift Certificates

I offer gift certificates if you want to give a friend or a family member the gift of support that will really make a difference

My Qualifications

You are the expert when it comes to your baby!

My role is to bring evidence-based information to help inform your choices. My approach is always about working together with you to identify and address your concerns but help you build on your strengths, empowering you to feel more confident as a parent.

The following qualifications help inform my practice,

  • I have been a registered nurse since 2003
  • I have over 10 years experience as a Health Visitor
  • Over 7 years as an Infant feeding Specialist.
  • I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).
  • Accredited training in Infant Allergies, Reflux & Colic (OCN level 4)


I do not diagnose medical problems but I do assess and identify issues and help you to get the right support for you and your baby.


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If you are searching this page, you may have already had some breastfeeding support. Lactation consultants, or IBCLC’s are the ‘Gold Standard’ in Infant feeding support. To qualify as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, you have to have over 1000 hours breastfeeding support experience, 90 hours of lactation specific education, be a registered health care professional or have studied 14 health science courses. Then there is a four hour exam to pass and to continue to practice we have to demonstrate evidence of 75 hours of continuing education every five years.

 I can help you overcome feeding challenges such as pain, mastitis, low milk supply or issues with weight gain. I can also help undertake assessments for tongue tie, colic, reflux and allergies.

I can help you make informed choices and support you if you are combination feeding, expressing or bottle feeding.

Issues with babies can be for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes these are linked to feeding but we don’t realise this. This is where a skilled assessment is key. I also have over 10 years of supporting families with all sorts of parenting challenges. I work to support families with other infant feeding issues such as bottle and formula feeding, colic, allergies, reflux. I can help support with sleep, behaviour, introducing solids as well as emotional support for new parents. 

I can come to your home to see you face to face if you live within my locality or surrounding area of Herefordshire. There may be a mileage charge if you live over 20 miles away. 

I  also offer video consultations if you live outside of my locality, if you would prefer to have a consultation this way, or sometimes a consultation for issues such as  sleep or parenting can be done via a video link.

During our consultation, if we identify that you may need ongoing support then we can discuss moving you across to a support package if you feel that’s right for you. The price of this initial consultation will be discounted from the package price. I also offer follow up consultations for support with the same issue at a reduced rate, if you feel you need or would like another consultation.

In most circumstances, a face to face consultation is best, but video consultations work well too for certain issues or if you are outside of my locality. I may ask for some pictures or videos before our video consultation, incase your baby doesn’t want a feed during our time together.

Packages are best for complex issues such as possible allergies, relactation, or helping a baby that isn’t breastfeeding back to the breast. If you feel you would really benefit from the ongoing emotional support and regular consultations, then a package is best.

If you want to discuss the packages and which may suit you best then we can arrange a free 15-minute discovery call to discuss what I offer further.

We all choose to feed our babies in different ways. As a Lactation Consultant, I am a feeding specialist. This means I can help support you with bottle-feeding, formula feeding or combination feeding. I also can offer support with introducing solids foods and issues such as reflux, colic or allergies, all things that can affect families however you are feeding your little ones

If you need an IBCLC but cannot afford one please still contact me as I will help you where I can.  The cost of a consultation or package is a reflection of my time and expertise. I realise this may not be an option for everyone. Free support is available via the information on my social media, you can download my Freebie or information that might help can be found within my Blog.

I understand that infant feeding support is not always equitable or available and I will help guide you to useful resources or sources of support where I can.


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